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dog biscuit making machine

dog biscuit making machine

Extruders Process Running Fast Dog treat making machine continuous running,  high quantity capacity, can meet strict production deadlines.
Ingredient Flexibility Extrusion pet food manufacturing is adaptable, for application to a wide range of raw materials. Also, extrusion can produce pet treats in a variety of shapes and colors
Different Textures And Colors variable density, air and moisture content, chewiness, crispiness, etc.It can produce pet treats food like strip shape, stick shape, twisted stick shape, double colors and multi-colors core filled snack.
Efficient   The extrusion continuous processing is low in cost,  Precise process control and automation reduces waste and boost, easy cleaning and maintenance
Consistent Pet dog treat making machine and cutting produces a very uniform end product of constant cross section and size. The process is extremely controllable and reliable, allowing high quality to be maintained throughout.
Automation Control Automation control to ensure consistent quality and product features
Nutrition receipt Pets can absorb nutrition elements during enjoy chewing these delicious snacks.Automatic dog biscuit making machines not only provides nutrition to dogs, like protein, fat, vitamin, etc, but also satisfies the dog nature hobby, benefits its strong teeth, cleans mouth and teeth, and prevents disease.
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